Seton Hall University


We have developed a model of academic 建议 at Seton Hall called the Student Success Team. This team is here to support 你r academic growth and professional development through listening and providing guidance.  

There are four members of the Student Success Team. 

  1.  The first member is . 霍尔, our goal is to provide a distinctive and rigorous education that encourages students become adaptable, 富有想象力的, 有弹性的, ethical and successful individuals. To do this, 你 need to be an active member of the team. This means taking ownership and responsibility of 你r academic journey by responding to 你r advisor's outreach, preparing for 你r academic 建议 appointments, and asking for help.  
  2. Student Success Advisor: Your Student Success Advisor is a full-time advisor who will help 你 navigate many of the logistical aspects of 你r Seton Hall journey, including understanding Compass, first-year course selection, and managing registration requirements including holds. Your Student Success Advisor are in the Center for Academic Success (CAS), Educational Opportunity Program (EOP), Pre-Med/ Pre-Dent Plus Program (PMPDPP), Academic Support for Student-athletes, 和弹性, 完整性, 奖学金, and Excellence (RISE) Programs.  
  3. Academic Advisor: Your Academic Advisor is a faculty members assigned by 你r College or Department. Their role is focuses on aligning 你r coursework with 你r academic interests and clarifying 你r life goals to develop educational plans. Faculty advisors can also provide mentorship and course selection.  
  4. 职业顾问: Your Career Advisor facilitates career development and experiential learning opportunities that employer 你 to engage in lifelong career management through career planning, 建议, 和指导.  

How do I find my Student Success Team Members? 
To find the name of 你r Student Success Team Members, go to Seton Hall Compass: 

  • 点击 PirateNet  
  • Enter 你r Seton Hall credentials 
  • 点击 the COMPASS icon 
  • On the Student Home Page, click on the "Send a Message" tab to see the name of 你r student success team for the current term.  
  • If 你 are unable to locate 你r Team, please fill out this form.